(UPDATED) FarmVille 2 Hack Tool

FarmVille 2 Country Escape instantly complete any task using this method. Because FarmVille 2 doesn’t require you to always be online it uses the time that is on your phone to figure out when a task is finished in the game such as going fishing at the lake or mining. By using this method you can instantly finish these tasks to complete your eddy missions or nick’s nicknacks or best of all the specialty mission currently going. You are going to want to load up people on the task you want to do. It doesn’t matter which one as you can instantly finish any of them. I prefer the mine as it gives other great resources.

Put your people in the mine lets say. I then create 2 more granola bars and 2 more blankets so I can instantly do it again but now exit the game. Go to your phone settings in the bottom left hand corner on the S4 and go to Settings then top right corner for more settings then down about 6 or 7 to date and time. This is where you will switch from automatic date and time to manual and adjust your time 2 hours to instantly finish the mine. You can then rinse and repeat until you have everything you want.

Things to note are when you reset your phone to the correct time make sure you are not working on anything or it will have an insane amount of hours till completion also don’t look at your feed or it will take hours or days to load depending on how far in the future you went. I hope this helps.

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Farmville 2 is a charming game available through Facebook or ZyngaGames.com and has so many aspects of the things that Seri loves – plants, animals, adorable farming village, and a community spirit!

In Farmville 2 you have the best chance of growing as a farmer if you have lots of friends to help send you gifts, give you sugar, and provide you with help as farm hands on your farm. What a perfect opportunity for any interested members of our community to support one another as Farmville 2 friends and enjoy watching all of our farms grow!

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(UPDATED) FarmVille 2 Hack Tool